Lyari areas famous for delicious food eateries miss charm

27 Jun

KARACHI: Lyari and its surroundings areas, which were famous for delicious food eateries in the past, have now lost their charm due to deteriorating law and order situation.

These areas have attained a negative reputation for gang warfare as during past eight years the mental makeup of area youth has changed tremendously.

Appearance of headless, broken bones, tortured bodies of people have become a routine matter and a trauma citizens bear everyday. Some people alleged that gangs, active in Lyari and its areas, have backing from certain sections of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Facts are murky but one thing is clear that the future of Lyari youth has been compromised as they have been offered role models like Rahman Dacait, Baba Ladla, Jabbar Jingo, Ghaffar Zikri, Rashid Rakha and other notorious commanders of Lyari gangs.

These gangsters get bow downs from security agencies and they routinely throw bodies packed in gunny bags, and roam with heavy weapons without any fear of being caught. Besides, a new criminal trend of spot killing has taken roots in the area, where gangsters take a victim to a public place and then shoot him in an execution style manner.

These sorts of incidents made several areas, including Khadda Market, Niaz Chowk, Shah Waliullah Road, Nayaabad, Daryaabad, Kamil Gali, Kalri, Baghdadi, Chakiwara, Klakot, Eidgah, Risala, Napier and Kharadar areas as most volatile areas of the city.

Sources in the investigation department said on anonymity that often the victims were the inhabitants of the area and were killed on suspicion of being police informants, personal enmity, family matters, etc. They said the groups of Lyari gangsters, which had gone underground since 2008, had resurfaced again to show their dominance in the area and a few recent incidents of grenade attacks took place in this connection.

The officials at investigation department said that the relevant authorities should take comprehensive measures to combat the target killings in these areas.

The sources further informed that the law enforcement agencies, presently appearing ineffective to overcome the prevailing law and order situation in Lyari, had drafted a comprehensive strategy to thwart the possibility of an imminent gang war, which is likely to be taken place at any time. They were of the view that although heavy contingents of law enforcement agencies had been deployed in the area to avert such incidents, the same could not be brought to an end without political will.

Meanwhile, the doctors at the Civil Hospital Karachi said the bodies of people found in gunny bags had often been brutally tortured before murder. They said the culprits, who used to break hands and legs of the victims during torture, now just shoot them to confirm their deaths.


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