President brokers peace between warring Lyari groups

18 Jul

President Asif Ali Zardari, who returned from Iran on Sunday, held a meeting with the members of the People’s Aman Committee (PAC) and the Katchi Rabita Committee (KRC) to resolve a dispute between the two groups.

The president had taken a serious notice over the Lyari situation where the PAC and the KRC had been engaged in a gun battle in which many people had died.

The president had summoned the representatives of the two groups to resolve their dispute and insiders claimed that the members of the two groups agreed for a patch-up on the directive of the president.

The president clearly told the two groups that he wanted peace in Lyari at all cost.

Sindh Minister, Rafiq Engineer, said that the dispute between the KRC and the PAC would be resolved amicably.

Senior Minister, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh Home Minister, Manzoor Wassan, provincial minister Rafiq Engineer and MNA Qadir Patel also attended the meeting.

Manzoor Wassan told the media outside the Bilawal House after the meeting that the president had directed the Sindh government to maintain law and order situation in the province, particularly in Karachi.

He said the president had also directed for increasing the police force and for providing equipments and vehicles.

The home minister said that he had briefed the president on his strategy to maintain peace, but added that he was working for the restoration of peace but individual statements disturbed his efforts.

The KRC leader, Hussain Katchi, told the media that the president had directed the local administration to ensure peace and provide security to the area people.

He said that the police had also been directed to bring back those people who had displaced from the area and have their houses vacated from some armed activists.

Sources said that the president heard the two groups and told them that Lyari had been the stronghold of the PPP and it would remain a fort of the PPP and any attempt to disturb the area for political purposes would not be tolerated.

The authorities said that the president would chair a meeting to review the law and order situation on Monday. The president was also likely to hold a meeting with the leaders of the coalition parties. The MQM is also likely to meet President Zardari.

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