History of Lyari

Historically Lyari is known as the mother of Karachi. It has provided base for the prosperous growth and development of the present Mega metropolis. Lyari derives its name from the river which used to flow into the Arabian Sea. Its riverbed extended from Lalukhet (present Liaquat Abad) to the Port Trust yard.

There were two larger watercourses for the rainwater to pass from the mountains to the sea. Between the two courses there existed twenty to twenty five fisher folk’s huts.. The spot was then called Dirbo. The new place later became known as “Kalachi-jo-Goth” “the village of Kalachi”, the fisherwoman. Thus the first settlement of common people bearing the name of Lyari came into being in a fast developing city which later on was internationally known as Karachi becoming first capital of Pakistan. In the course of time as shipping and trade developed rapidly, the existing port facilities became inadequate.

It became necessary to reclaim the site on the Lyari Bed for housing purposes. On the other side of the Lyari River, “Khadda”  had already been built to accommodate fisherman, who were removed from “Machi Meanee” in 1870. By then because of growing need for labour force in the port of Karachi had attracted a large number of immigrants, of which the Baluch’s were in majority. They came from Makran/Balochistan and resided in the present location of Lyari, with the increasing economic activities in the city, immigrants from all over other cities of the country started to settle in Lyari Quarters soon people from all ethnic groups formed a “Mini-Pakistan” and Lyari Town is now an area which represents different culture and creed living amicably becoming a remarkable unified community.


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